About Us

It is our great pleasure to you to introduce PT Kogas Driyap Konsultan. Specializing in engineering and management consulting, the firm was founded early 1990 to participate in the pursuit of national progress and growth.

The countinuing development project in line with the governmentís objectives to promote the nationíz economic and social welfare, such as the establishment of industries, integrates rural development, transportation and communications systems, agriculture and irrigation, mining and is ready to be one of the active players in supporting the growth of our beloved country, Indonesia. Here, we attempt to present the most important aspects of our activities. We hope this will serve as a guide to better understanding of Kogas.


"Menjadi Perusahaan yang besar dan ternama"
"Become a Major Consultancy Firms and Prominent"


" Berpatisipasi dalam membangun bangsa dan Negara melalui layanan jasa
konsultansi serta mensejahterakan para stake holder perusahaan melalui usaha
yang efisien dan di ridhoi oleh Allah SWT"
"Participate in building nation through consultancy services and the welfare
of the stake holders through the company's business eficiently and blessed by
Allah SWT"

PT. Kogas Driyap Konsultan is a company established in jakarta om March 14, 1990 before a notary Yetty Taher, SH. Our company enganged Consultancy ervice, registered as a member INKINDO No. 2890/P/0935.DKI and got the Certificate of Construction Consulting Service Business Entity No.B00803171-4-2890 with qualification B establishments (Large) and got a Certificate of Non Consulting Service Company Registration No. Construction. A00120203-1-2890 with qualification B Esthablishments (Large).