Scope Of Service

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>>Environment, Agriculture, and Rural Development

The drive for development often leads to serious environmental damage and the depletation of natural resources unless appropriate steps are taken. Kogas, while encouraging the implementation of development projects, is committed to protect the environmental and ecological balance.
The firm’s consultancy services include :
• Project planning, design and implementation
• Project identification
• Socioeconomic studies
• Demand and location analysis
• Organization and management
• Economic and financial analysis
• Training and technology transfer

Among the types of projects covered are the following :
• Integrated infrastructure projects
• Regional and urban master plans
• Municipal utilities and facilities
• Housing schemes
• Industrial estates and export processing zones
• Tourist resorts

Within recent years agriculture and regional palnning have become increasing important fields of activity. Assignments typically cover :
• Land use planning
• Irrigation and drainage
• Soil surveys
• Soil conservation
• Livestock production
• Poultry hatcheries
• Agricultural development
• Processing and storage
• Marketing distribution and credit
• Extension and training

Kogas provides consultant to help overcome such problems. With its key staff with board professional experience covering both consulting and contracting assignments as well as specialists in project management, quality assurance and computer applications in such relevant fields as financial management and project planning, monitoring and control. Kogas helps clients to undertake large and complex projects in a skillful way.
Comprehensive project management expertise is a powerful tool to control the entire implementation of projects from the initial concept, through planning and design stages to the construction, testing and commissioning of the project.

The major management function is to establish the project organization and there after to coordinate and control the implementation of the project in respect of :
• Technical solution
• Quality assurance
• Time
• Cost

Training is usually a component of Kogas projects. The training needs are assessed and training programs are development and implemented as required.